The Santa Monica Forward steering committee voted to support four measures on the November ballot that will help fund schools, affordable housing, transit, and parks.

Santa Monica Forward, which is also taking the lead in opposing Measure LV, has endorsed “Yes” votes on local Measures GS and GSH and County-wide Measure M and Measure A, all of which will help to make our city and our region and more livable, sustainable and diverse place.

Measures GSH and GS, if approved, will provide a much-needed funding source that the city could use to preserve and create affordable housing as well as to maintain and improve our schools.

The severity of the housing shortage has lead to astronomical increases in rents and displacement of long-time residents. In order to maintain — and improve — Santa Monica’s socioeconomic diversity, we must invest in housing at all income levels. Additionally, maintaining the highest quality of education for our children is essential to fighting the root causes of poverty and assuring future generations have opportunities to improve their lives.

While Measures GS and GSH won’t solve our housing crisis or provide all the funding we need for our schools, these measures together are necessary to pass if we are to maintain our commitment to diversity and to quality accessible education for our children. Santa Monica Forward says, “Vote yes on Measures GS and GSH.”

Measure M, the County-wide funding measure for public transit, will help assure that Los Angeles County’s growing transit network continues to provide a quality option for people who do not want to or can’t drive. Traffic in our region is in part due to an overreliance on single-occupancy vehicles. If we want safe, convenient, and quality alternatives to being stuck in traffic, we must support funding measures that assure our bus and rail system continues not only to grow but also be maintained at a level of service that makes it an attractive option for all. Santa Monica Forward says, “Vote yes on Measure M.”

Measure A will help raise much needed money for parks and public open spaces. Not only will it help improve the quality of life for park-poor parts of our region like South L.A., Koreatown, and East L.A., but will also supplement our resources to increase access to open space in the park-poor parts of our own city. Access to safe and clean public open space is essential for the health and wellbeing of our community. Santa Monica Forward says, “Vote yes on Measure A.”