In 2015, the City Council set its sights on developing a new model for citywide mobility.  Tonight, the Council will hold a special mobility study session to consider the future of the Big Blue Bus and the city’s vision zero efforts to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2025.  

Santa Monica Forward supports the city’s transition to a new model of mobility, and proposes ten changes to accomplish that vision:

  1. The Big Blue Bus should transition from a transit operator to a mobility manager

  2. Take an industry best practices approach to improving operations

  3. Santa Monica must think and act regionally to better serve users

  4. Santa Monica should formally adopt and pursue a “Transit First” strategy

  5. Innovation is critical to the future of mobility, but only a standards-based approach results in sustainable technological innovation.

  6. No amount of traffic death is acceptable

  7. The City should invest resources to improve equity

  8. Streets are our largest public space and should be managed in the public interest

  9. Make data-driven decisions

  10. Pursue a new model for governance and service delivery, including a new Mobility Commission to oversee a new Mobility Department

These recommendations are detailed in a new position paper from Santa Monica Forward.