Public Comment on Coronavirus Recovery to Planning Commission on April 30

Last week, Santa Monica Forward shared a letter with you that we submitted to interim-City Manager Lane Dilg. That letter should be part of your packet this evening. In it we outlined a number of recommendations we hope the city will consider to address the impact that COVID-19 has had on our city’s economy. Tonight, I wanted to highlight [...]

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Santa Monica Forward urges a transparent, public process for rent control updates

RE: June 26, 2018 Agenda Item 5ADear Mayor Winterer and Councilmembers:Santa Monica Forward supports the intent of Item 5A, which authorizes staff to explore appropriate local responses to the possible repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Act.   We request that such responses be developed with a public, transparent process that solicits input from stakeholders and experts in the field of housing development [...]

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Statement on Shared Dockless Vehicles: Safer Streets Paramount; Dockless has a Lead Role in a New Model for Mobility

Honorable Councilmembers, We thank City Staff’s thoughtful consideration of how to engage new dockless shared mobility operators in a way that achieves those goals. We strongly agree with the values the City has expressed to frame the policy context: Put people and safety first. Give all people access to mobility choices. Pioneer a clean mobility future. Design great streets for [...]

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Santa Monica Forward Supports a Safer 17th Street

Santa Monica Forward sent the following message to Planning Commissioners upon their consideration of safety improvements to the 17th Street Corridor:Dear Chair Fresco and Planning Commissioners,We support the staff proposal to make 17th Street safer and more livable for residents, workers, and visitors. We urge approval and rapid implementation. The project is consistent with our position paper on Transit and [...]

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Santa Monica Forward issues recommendations on zoning for Accessory Dwelling Units

RECOMMENDATIONThat, if the City Council chooses to count any Accessory Dwelling Unit square footage toward lot coverage in R1 Districts,  this square footage shall be the difference between 800 square feet and the total square footage of the proposed ADU. (As it now stands the R1 Interim Zoning Ordinance exempts any ADU square footage from counting toward lot coverage.)BACKGROUNDThere is [...]

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Santa Monica Forward Supports a New City Mobility Commission

In 2015, the City Council set its sights on developing a new model for citywide mobility.  Tonight, the Council will hold a special mobility study session to consider the future of the Big Blue Bus and the city's vision zero efforts to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2025.  Santa Monica Forward supports the city's transition to a new model of mobility, [...]

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The Proposed Downtown Community Plan Doesn’t Do Enough To Address the Issues Facing Our Community

As proposed, the Downtown Community Plan places too much emphasis on physical planning and restricting physical development and barely any emphasis on the impact it has on social, economic, equity, or sustainability planning objectives.

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Santa Monica Forward Endorses Slate of Four Council Candidates, Yes on Measure V (SMC Bond)

Santa Monica Forward enthusiastically supports Councilmembers Terry O'Day and Gleam Davis, Mayor Tony Vazquez, and Mayor Pro Tempore Ted Winterer for re-election to the Santa Monica City Council. Forward also supports a YES vote on Measure V, the bond to improve and repair Santa Monica College facilities, this November.

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