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Santa Monica Forward's Choice for City Council


Caroline Torosis

Santa Monica Rent Control Board Commissioner/Attorney


Natalya Zernitskaya

Financial Analyst / Former Appointee to City Audit Subcommittee


Jesse Zwick

Public Policy Advisor

The Forward Team on the Issues:


Do you believe Santa Monica has a housing shortage? If so, is the solution deed-restricted low-income housing (aka affordable housing), middle income housing, or a combination of both? 


What would you do to reduce traffic in Santa Monica?


How can Santa Monica best address its homelessness crisis and are there changes in priorities, services, and/or expenditures that you plan to bring to the city council for consideration to better assist unhoused people living in Santa Monica?


How can Santa Monica City Council best support a robust economy that provides for all of our workforce, our local businesses, and our residents?

Paid for by Santa Monica Forward Supporting Caroline Torosis, Natalya Zernitskaya, and Jesse Zwick for City Council 2022
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