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Santa Monica Forward Supports a Safer 17th Street

Santa Monica Forward sent the following message to Planning Commissioners upon their consideration of safety improvements to the 17th Street Corridor:

Dear Chair Fresco and Planning Commissioners,


We support the staff proposal to make 17th Street safer and more livable for residents, workers, and visitors. We urge approval and rapid implementation. The project is consistent with our position paper on Transit and Mobility and our guiding principles on traffic and transportation:

TRAFFIC & TRANSPORTATION: Traffic has a negative effect on our quality of life. Current traffic conditions will only get better by greatly enhancing the safety and convenience of getting around without a car for able-bodied people or people with disabilities. We support walkable neighborhoods, safe routes to school and work, complete bicycle networks, the Big Blue Bus, the Expo Light Rail, and the Metro Bus. We must design and manage streets with the goal of eliminating deaths of people using our roads. Future homes and workplaces should include aggressive traffic demand management programs to discourage driving by employees and residents whenever possible.

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