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re: Draft Zoning Amendments 12-15-21 PC

December 14, 2021

Dear Santa Monica Planning Commission: Recent polling conducted by the LA Times finds overwhelming support for more housing in Los Angeles. By a 28 point margin (55-27), LA County voters support SB 9. Among renters, support is even stronger with a 46 point margin (64-18) in favor of SB 9.

This aligns with other polls done previously for SB50, a 2019 bill that would have legalized more housing near jobs and transit. Per polling conducted by Lake Research Partners, California voters supported SB50 by a 48 point margin (66-18). Polling conducted by PPIC found similar results – 62% in favor of more housing near jobs and transit, vs only 30% against. These are very clear numbers. Voters, and particularly voters who rent, want more housing. However, Santa Monica which is 70% renter has shied away from this very clear demand. Rather than listening to the majority, which supports more housing, Santa Monica has catered to a small, vocal minority that continually stands in the way of addressing our housing shortage.

As you review the draft zoning amendments, we urge you to do what voters want – make room for more homes. Santa Monica should upzone across all neighborhoods in the city to put us on a path towards fair, accessible, and affordable housing for all. Regards,

Abby Arnold and Carl Hansen

Santa Monica Forward

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