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Tuesday, May 5 2020 at 3pm City Council will consider major cuts to staff, programs and city services. The magnitude of the budget crisis facing Santa Monica and the hard choices we must make cannot be understated. The unsurprising but likely devastating absence of a federal relief strategy for cities like Santa Monica means that many communities will be forced to make painful cuts. When governments make cuts, it is almost always the most vulnerable among us who suffer the most.

Last week, Santa Monica Forward shared a list of revenue generating ideas that we hope can be used as a reference in future budget discussions. Yesterday, we released a visualization tool to see the impacts of proposed cuts to programs and services, as well as a city finances projection tool so that you can explore the city’s revenue shortfalls, consider alternate cuts and options to generate revenues. Tomorrow, the Santa Monica Daily Press will publish our op-ed on the importance of protecting the most vulnerable, empowering public participation, and reducing layers of bureaucracy.

Now it’s your turn.  Please sign our letter bellow asking Council to prioritize our community’s values and minimize the impact of the cuts on the programs, services, and staff that will be essential in ensuring that our community protects our most vulnerable and accelerates our local economic recovery.

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