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re: City Opposition to SB 9 & SB 10 - Council Agenda Items 13C & 13D

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

February 9, 2021

Re: Council Agenda Items 13C & 13D

Dear Mayor Himmelrich, Mayor Pro Tem McCowan, and members of the Santa Monica City Council:

Santa Monica Forward, Abundant Housing LA, and the undersigned members of the Santa Monica Community strongly oppose Items 13C & 13D on your agenda.

We were disappointed to see councilmembers recommend that the city oppose two important state housing bills (SB 9 and SB 10). Santa Monica Forward supports both of these bills. We are in the midst of a housing crisis that has created a tremendous burden for many Santa Monicans and we need policies like SB 9 and SB 10 to begin to resolve it. Santa Monica can’t solve the housing crisis on its own, but statewide legislation can help ensure that there will be adequate housing for current and future generations. If anything, we should be supporting these bills.

Please vote “no” on Agenda Items 13 C and 13 D.


Abby Arnold and Carl Hansen

Co-chairs, Santa Monica Forward

Leonora Camner

Executive Director, Abundant Housing L.A. 54 Members of the Santa Monica Community (See Attached)


54 people have signed a petition asking you to support housing affordability by voting no on items 13 C & 13 D. You can view each petition signer and the comments they left you below.

1. Aaron Ordower (ZIP code: 90402)

2. Ashley Powell (ZIP code: 90402)

3. Barbara Filet (ZIP code: 90404)

4. Babak Mozaffari (ZIP code: 90401)

5. Ben Mayne (ZIP code: 90404)

6. ben swett (ZIP code: 90402)

Guys - don't "pull up the drawbridge" - we are not a separate island .... let's be part of the solution, not oppose it!

7. Carter Rubin (ZIP code: 90404)

8. Catherine Gentile (ZIP code: 90405)

9. Craig Boreth (ZIP code: 90403)

10. Cynthia Rose (ZIP code: 90404)

11. David Bailey (ZIP code: 90403)

12. Debbie Mulvaney (ZIP code: 90403)

13. beth edelstein (ZIP code: 90405)

14. Elena Christopoulos (ZIP code: 90401)

15. Ernie Powell (ZIP code: 90010)

16. David Fenn (ZIP code: 90025)

17. Frank Gruber (ZIP code: 90405)

These bills are reasonable. SB9 elaborates current ADU law, and SB10 merely gives a local city councils the right to do something. No reason to oppose.

18. Barbara Fuchs (ZIP code: 90403)

19. Gregory Leavitt (ZIP code: 85022)

As a 4th generation Santa Monican who had to leave the state to become a homeowner I support any initiative to allow cities to build more housing. The the ageist and racist zoning laws have engineered a housing shortage creating a bubble of false value. These zoning laws are both economically irresponsible and environmentally disastrous. The amount of privilege involved in defending single family housing in an area where rent is more than half the median wage is staggeringly selfish and destructive to the community.

20. Gil Leib (ZIP code: 90403)

21. Grace Phillips (ZIP code: 90405)

22. Gwynne Pugh (ZIP code: 90405)

23. Ilya Haykinson (ZIP code: 90405) 24. Hendrik (Hank) Koning (ZIP code:90403)

25. Genrikh Skoblov (ZIP code:90401) no comments

26. Jason Islas (ZIP code: 90404)

27. Jason Mastbaum (ZIP code: 90403) 28. Jeremy Bamberger (ZIP code:90405) 29. Jill Boberg (ZIP code: 90405)

30. John Zinner (ZIP code: 90402) 31. Kathy Seal (ZIP code:90405)

32. Leonora Camner (ZIP code:90403)

33. Lily Pettinato (ZIP code: 90404) 34. Mark Yetter (ZIP code: 90403)

35. Pam O'Connor (ZIP code: 90403) 36. Michelle Stevens (ZIP code: 90403) 37. Matthew Stevens (ZIP code: 90403) 38. Michael Walzman (ZIP code: 90402) 39. Natalya Zernitskaya (ZIP code:90404) 40. Bill Parent (ZIP code: 90403)

41. Jason Parry (ZIP code: 90405)

42. Randi Parent (ZIP code:90403)

43. abby arnold (ZIP code: 90401)

44. Sara Gersen (ZIP code: 90404)

45. Sean Youssefi (ZIP code: 90404)

46. Sean Stevens (ZIP code: 90405)

I would like to be able to afford a home one day.

47. Shaila Chopra (ZIP code: 90404)

Homeowners deserve flexibility maximize the value of their properties. Expediting the building of small apartment buildings will help mitigate the housing crises in Santa Monica. We desperately need more supply.

48. Silvia Estrada (ZIP code: 90405)

49. Sam Ludwig (ZIP code: 90403)

50. Terry O'Day (ZIP code: 90404)

51. Thomas Hand (ZIP code: 90401)

We have a housing mafia interested only in their property values, while the poor can no longer afford rent in any part of town. Housing is a human right.

52. Tieira Ryder (ZIP code: 90064)

Our right to housing has been denied. We need affordable housing and we needed it yesterday!

53. Wade Killefer (ZIP code: 90404)

54. Carl Hansen (ZIP code: 90403)

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